The Sage Chronicles

Join Karima’s protagonist, enigmatic author Halycon Sage, as we explore these novels from the Post Modernist Minimalist Neo-Symbolist Pseudo-Realist School of Literature where up is down, down is sideways and time flows in multiple directions!

The Way Beyond cover
The Book of Squidly Light cover
Sage's Multiverse Mini-Series cover

“Wildly Imaginative! Buckle up for a laugh out loud romp through a multi-dimensional universe full of unforgettable characters that will change the way you see the world.”

— Jeneane Harter

The Chronicles Expand!

Sage's Multiverse Mini-Series coverSage’s Multiverse Mini-Series: the latest offering from our imaginary author.

Within these pages you’ll find an intricately woven tapestry of viewpoints and characters spanning short stories, mini-novels, poetry, interviews, diaries and more. While much of this book is funny, it also explores a number of serious issues and ideas through its diverse range of storytelling forms.

Encounter the Green World and the World of Light, gain extra-terrestrial knowledge with Five Tips for Intergalactic Diplomacy, accompany a bewildered writer as she navigates the chaotic world of airports, and meet a Cat Attorney who shares his diary and advises a canine inquirer on dogagories.

So jump into a novel, a post or a poem. You never know where you’ll come out but you know it’s going to an awesome ride!

Book of Squidly Light selected for the American Library Association’s Booklist Magazine

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“This is a deliciously funny and witty satire of the literary world.”

— Forward Reviews

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