Art Gallery

Nixon Eggplant 1

Whether or not I get famous for my books, I’ll undoubtedly go down as the discoverer of the Nixon Eggplant. Just minding my business in the Seward Coop on 4th St., and there it was. A truly uncanny likeness.

Nixon Eggplant 2

I face the Nixon Eggplant head-on. Sometimes life is hard, but a woman’s gotta’ do what a woman’s gotta’ do.

Nixon Eggplant 3

Another Side of the Nixon Eggplant, undoubtedly his best side. Surely more photogenic than many presidents!

Can You See The Dancer?

Fall day walk on sidewalk / Sweet warm air, some leaves outlined in dampness / Remains of rain / Looking down, I saw this Dancer.

The Nefertiti Nightgown

One early morning, I arose and dressed quickly, throwing my nightgown thoughtlessly on the bed. When I looked back, I saw this: an unmistakable image of the legendary Egyptian queen.

Frozen Falls

In winter Minnehaha Falls, in Minneapolis Minnesota, looks just like this.