Nothing But Cats

Best Blep

Did you know that a blep is when a perfectly healthy cat sticks out her tongue for a prolonged period for no apparent reason? Well, now you do. Our daughter’s comment: “What a dork!”

Orange Brothers Basket Weave

These near-twins often matched or mirrored each other’s poses. Venchy is on our right, Fatty on our left.

May December Cat Marriage

Bob was old and gracious, Miss Tinypants, young and excitable. She followed him around till he gave in. She’d sit on his back in this very chair, and they shared up to 19 hours a day cuddled in blissful sleep. She mourned him for a year.

Ginger Wakes Up

Peaceful sleeper, all curled up. Luckily again, my camera was ready.

Ginger Wakes Up 2

This is a transitional photo, a blurry yawn, but you will see its necessity.

Ginger Wakes Up 3


When Bob Weighed 19 Pounds

He looked good this way but was not comfy. Bob had many sterling qualities and was voted Cat Most Likely to be Mistaken for Laundry.

One Eye Open Washing

Fatty is the washee; his brother Venchy (for Adventurous Dandelion) is the washer. Our family is very intelligent, but we are not good at cat names.

Halloween Cat

Here’s an archetype if I ever saw one! She just did this spontaneously one day, and luckily I had the camera ready.

Some Assembly Required

Here’s Ginger lounging at her ease on a hot summer day. She can lounge, loll, and luxuriate with catly expertise, and has a habit of sleeping on her back.

Some Assembly Required 2

Sweet sleep in the most beloved though ridiculously-too-small blue cat bed. Fancy beds from the pet store are scorned and ignored by both cats. This one, given by a friend, is the clear favorite.

Some Assembly Required 3

This picture of Ginger inspired the “Some Assembly Required” title for these three photos. It mirrors many funny online shots of cats that look mistakenly assembled, like Ikea furniture gone wrong.

Why She’s Called Littleface

This girl has one of the silliest cat names ever: Miss Littleface Babycat Tinypants. But you can understand the first name because look at that little face!

Why She’s Called Babycat

Same here. Look at this innocent tiny creature, her round spotted tummy, and her tail wound elegantly around one leg. These first two pictures were taken shortly after her arrival with us.

Another Side To Kitty

It took us a while to realize that the adorable little girl had another side to her personality.